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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 15, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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authorities were never able to link the murders. an expert on right wing extremism says that for years german politicians and law enforcement authorities have grossly underestimated violent neo-nazi groups. >> this has to do with police segments, with the ministers of interior, with the justice system, to go after them kons consequently and decisively. >> government officials say there's a need for better cooperation between gerny's law enforcement body as they learn in disbelief the crimes allegedly committed by a terror cell living in their midst. cnn, berlin. we continue right now with randi kaye. >> hello, everyone. we begin in lower manhattan where the park is cleared and now it is the protesters who are occupied with a critical
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question, what now? new york police moveded in overnight with a notice where occupy wall street had been encamped since november 17th. they tore down tents and arrested more than 100 people who refused to leave on their own. they planned to open zuccotti park as long as nobody try to live there. but the judge rule the city has no right to block tents or campsites so police are keeping everyone out. a live report from poppy harlow in a few minutes. the former penn state assistant football coach accused of molesting boys, says, i'm quoting, i shouldn't have showered with those kids. in a phone interview with bob costas, his first public comment since his arrest, jerry sandusky says he's horsed around with kids after workouts and enjoys young people but isn't sexually attracted to them. sandusky's lawyer says the man at the center of a devastating
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scandal is a big overgrown kid himself. a congressional committee wants to slash the salaries and bonuses of stop executives of fannie mae and freddie mac. they would have failed long ago were it not for the biggest tax bailout to date. we now know that since 2009, almost 100 million of those dollars went to the top five executives of each firm. the ceos alone are on track to earn $6 million apiece in 2011. the head of the agency that runs fannie and freddie says the people in charge are not the ones that led the companies to ruin but are cleaning up the mess. gabrielle giffords is speaking out about nearly being killed when she was shot in the head back in january. the arizona congresswoman was the victim of a mass shooting in tucson. she was among 13 people wounded, six people were killed. in a message to her constituents, she misses her home state and wants to get back to work. >> hello, this is gabby
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giffords, i miss you. i miss tucson. the mountains, blue skies and the heat. i'm getting stronger. i'm getting better. >> giffords has made a miraculous recovery from her wounds ten months ago. a part-time employee of target says the company has gone too far in requiring him to work on thanksgiving day. anthony harwick is taking mat r matters in his own hands, started an online petition and won tens of thousands of supporters. right now he's spoesed to ten-hour shift on thanksgiving. he'll need to sleep all day to get ready and will have to miss having thanksgiving dinner with his fiance's family. facebook has come under a spam attack that includes pornography and violent images and other graphic items. one web security consult aenlt says that exkplis it and violent
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images have been flooding the news feeds for the past 24 hours or so. it isn't clear how the images are spreading, one possibility, click jacking, one clicking on a friend's image shares it your own feed. facebook says they have been quietly taking down the images. protecting people who use facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority. we are investigating and addressing the issue. >> if you always wanted to fly in space, well now is your chance. right now nasa is kicking off the process for selecting the next class of astronauts. if you make the cut, the space agency says part of your job will include conducting advanced research to benefit life on earth aboard the international space station. you also develop the know how and skills needed for longer flights to explore the solar system. if you're really interested, you can check out the website,
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how occupy protesters were ousted two days shy of occupying wall street for two months and what that means for the future of that movement. first, i want you to take a look at this. more than 900 christmas cards for an ailing mother in a hospice, her sons don't think she'll make it to her favorite holiday christmas and asked friends to send cards. the idea spread on facebook and the cards have been pouring in. for all of those who sent in cards, you are today's rock stars. if you want to join the effort to send cards, do so at this address.
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in face time, the many faces of occupy wall street, to the protesters forcibly cleared from a park in lower manhattan, the bottom 99% finding their voice. to new york's mayor and to many other mayors across the country, it is a test, free speech rights versus community health and welfare. michael bloomberg says conditions of the two-month-old encampment at zuccotti park had been intolerable. it is a test between city hall who wants to reopen the park minus tents and sleeping bag and a new york judge who says they are allowed. poppy harlow in the thick of it all. what is the latest on this court order? >> reporter: that's a very good question, randi, here's a copy of the court order that came down at 10:00 a.m. this morning. we got it from protesters, they are waving it around, demanding to be allowed in the park saying it is illegal you're not letting us back in the park. if you look at this court order,
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what it says is that up until a hearing which started a little while ago the protesters were indeed allowed in the park and the rules limiting them with the curfew saying they couldn't have their tents in there could not be enforced. brian is in the courtroom right now where the hearing is going on developers of the park and also some of the protesters. the judge is asking questions about why they don't want the protesters in the park. the developer is saying it's not meant to be a tent city and lived in. this is very fluid, ongoing. a lot of legal questions as to whether or not the protesters will be allowed in this park. they were told overnight by the mayor's office that they would be let in this morning after it was cleaned. >> i'm looking at the activity there behind you, what are the protesters doing right now? how are police reacting to them? >> reporter: so, hundreds of protest ares came back at about 10:30, 11:00 a.m. this morning.
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they surrounded the park. it got rather aggressive police, they are shaking barricades trying to get in. we saw a few protesters one in particular with an american flag jump over. he was immediately tackled by police. they've come back and staking their ground. we also heard hundreds more or marching from a location nearby. at this point they are watching and waiting. i do have to tell you though, it is much more calm here than it was overnight. we've been reporting since 2:00 in the morning down there when those evictions were happening. the altercations were much more severe. there were 100 protesters that were arrested. they are handcuffed and led on to new york city police buses and they were booked by the cops. it is less than that now and it is a watch and wait and see approach and protesters telling me they have no plans to leave. >> what is the situation with the protesters now? do they seem they are still a cohesive unit or seem to be breaking up and going to different parks on their own or
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looking for another home? >> reporter: they sound to me like a rather cohesive movement. they are going in groups, big groups to different parts of the city but their hope is to come back here. one interesting thing, randi, i think we have sound to play for you overnight from them about what happened and what their goal is as some of them obviously want to get back in the park. take a listen to some of the people we talked to the wee hours this morning. you said you just left the park. it's about 3:00 a.m. tell me what happened. >> i was sleeping when i heard all sorts of shouting going on. i woke up to see the cops were surrounding the park barricading it. i couldn't hear the orders through the microphone, it was 20 minutes later i found out they were trying to kick us out. >> reporter: can you tell us what happened and why you are gathering here? >> we're gathering here to continue to support the need for justice in this world. the growing income debt and the
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showing this entire country and this is a continued stand. >> reporter: at one point some of the protesters banded together and were singing he shall overcome. we are the 99%, these are our streets. one of the protesters i talked to was arrested last night and released this morning. i said what does not having this park do to the movement? he said it's not about a location. it's about what we believe in, what we're moving towards. can do it with or without the park. >> poppy harlow, thank you. he says he likes to horse around with kids but not a pedophile. could jerry sandusky's comments come back to haunt him in court. a look at the case against him. ? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet?
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for days you've seen scenes like this around penn state. jerry sandusky and the charges he raped eight young boys. his attorneys are making the media rounds and sandusky himself is speaking out. ear about to hear from him directly in a interview he did with bob costas. a current criminal defense attorney joins us from new york to give us perspective on this. paul, you have tried cases on both sides. the big question people are asking today, why did sandusky give this interview? do you think this was a smart decision to talk about his case? >> no. i actually think it's a suicidal defense strategy. i've never seen anything like this. the one thing that anybody who either has prosecuted or defended child abuse cases knows is that they are very hard cases to prove in court. you're dealing with children who
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have to testify or you're dealing with somebody who is trying to recollect as in this case something that happened ten years before, many times the case falls apart by the time it comes to trial. for sandusky to publicly admit showering with little boys, and having his attorney do a separate press tour, admitting his client did these things is astonishing and shocking as a defense strategy. >> i want to share with our viewers some of that interview. at one point bob costas asks him point blank, are you a pedophile. listen to the response. >> how would you define the part you played? what are you willing to concede that you've done that was wrong and you wish you had not done it? >> well, in retrospect, you know, i shouldn't have shourp showered with those kids. >> that's it? >> yeah, i mean, that what's
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hits me the most. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to under age boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted -- you know, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- but, no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> watching that paul, it is so uncomfortable to watch. what do you make of that exchange? >> well, this is a prosecutor's dream to have a defendant say something like that on the air. you know, i think that what a prosecutor would argue to a jury ultimately is that sandusky in giving that answer, it's almost this weird view of the world that he has, which is that showering with little boys is okay and that -- when asked if he's sexually attracted to them,
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he hesitates before answering. most people would say, no, are you kidding? how could you say such a thing about me? he has to stop and think about it. so it's very, very damaging to him i think in terms of his ability to defend himself later on at the time of trial. >> i want to get through more of these clips. he does admit to showering with these boys, as he calls it horsing around. listen to this. >> i could say that, you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact, but so if you look at it that way, there are things that that wouldn't -- that would be accurate. >> just very quickly, paul, your reaction to that.
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i want to get to a lawyer sound bite as well. is that -- >> he's made out 60% of the prosecutor's case. the prosecutor has to put him in a position where he's naked with a boy in a shower and got himself touching the boy' leg, you're only one inch from making out a sexual abuse count by showing that he touched him in an inproper area. he's handed the prosecutor his indication. jason carroll spent an hour and a half with sandusky's lawyer in a sitdown interview. i want you to listen to what he says and i have a question for you. >> jerry sandusky is a big overgrown kid. he's a jock. for everyone who has ever played sports, you get showers after you workout. when people hear he got showers with kids, oh, my goodness, like he got showers with kids. that makes him guilty, right? obviously anybody who gets a shower with a kid who is an adult has to be guilty of something. but the bottom line is jocks do that. they kid around and horse
1:21 pm
around. >> overgrown kid, does something like that fly in court, paul? >> no, it's not going to fly in court and it's really astonishing to see the attorney out making these statements because frankly the attorney may have made himself a witness in the case. usually attorneys give this sort of generic my client is innocent and we look forward to our day in court. he's saying my client was naked with the boys in showers and trying to imply this is normal conduct. i don't know a lot of people who think it is normal conduct. i don't know anybody who thinks it's normal for a man in his 50s to be showering with the child of another family without the other family knowing about it. i mean, it's just -- it's beyond the p pail of common sense to think someone will accept this as normal behavior. >> paul, appreciate your insight. nice to see you. >> nice being with you, randi. >> a little later we will talk to a senior investigative
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this you think child sex trafficking is a distant third world problem, you are wrong. here in atlanta hundreds of girls ar bought and sold every month. the city ranks worst in the world for child prostitution. a new short film is dedicated to raising awareness about this undercovered epidemic. >> it may look like a child's fairytale but this film deals with an all too real subject. >> it's the rape of children for profit. it's an average of 300 girls
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will be sold each month to over 7,000 men. >> reporter: cheryl johnson is the executive director of street grace an atlanta based non-profit organization devoted to combatting child sex trafficking. they are using a dark disturbing al gory to help amplify the message. >> if there wasn't such a need, there wouldn't be so much business now would there? >> reporter: the film is called the candy shop, it's a story of girls being lured into and rescued from the sex trade and its imagery is raising eyebrows. >> it has opened a lot of doors that were closed. people don't want to have a documentary shown to a particular audience because it's too graphic and too harsh and real. whereas, this has the same message but it's done in a way that people are open to it and were able to accept. >> girls go in and candy comes out.
1:27 pm
it's magical. >> joining me now here in the studio, the producer and director of "the candy shop." i watched that trailer on your website. it's pretty serious, very intense. i've never seen a take on such a serious issue in this fairlytale like way. what made you decide to go at it that way? >> i came to the knowledge of 300 girls a month sold for profit in atlanta. it is one of the things that gets in your brain and you can't unknow it. it sticks with you. my team, wide stone got together to figure out what to do about it. we're not documentary film makers, we make fairytales we thought let's give it a shot, hasn't been done before. we wanted to make a story for the cause. >> what's the reaction been so far? >> well, we premiered at the fox last november and filled it up. it's helping street grace launch
1:28 pm
a national campaign. >> is this a film that you think is appropriate for children to watch? >> you know, it's interesting, people have said that if you don't know what the subject is about, it's actually not vulgar or disturbing, if you know what it's about, it becomes very disturbing. >> a lot of funds you brought in from the project you'll put towards trying to do away with the issue. >> we raised funds and we've signed away the rights to the film to street grace. anything it makes and anything it does it goes to street grace entirely. >> your heart brakds for these young girls. nicely done, thank you. >> thank you. to watch the film and learn how to help stop child sex trafficking, visit stop the candy he stumbled over sexual harassment allegations, now over libya. first, here is your political junkie question of the
1:29 pm
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. before the break, i asked who richard nixon was talking to during the 18 1/2 minute gap during the tapes. he was talking to his chief of staff bob haldman. it was three days after the watergate break in. scottswan, show him a little
1:32 pm
twitter love. nice job. time to go beyond the political talking points where all sides are fair game. hernlen cain is in the spotlight for something other than his 9-9-9 plan own his sexual harassment claims. take a listen. >> so you agree with president obama on libya or not? >> okay, libya -- president obama supported the uprising, correct? president obama called for the removal of gadhafi, just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before i say yes, i agree, or no, i didn't agree.
1:33 pm
i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. no, that's a different one. i've got to go back to see. got all of this stuff twirling around in my head. specifically what are you asking me did i agree or not disagree with obama? >> well, cain says it was just a pause on cnn's american morning one of editors in that room said he was stunned by cain's response to the question. so let me bring in cnn contributor maria cardona and ron bar gin. >> it is a huge deal, randi and it wasn't just a pause. it was a long pause followed by
1:34 pm
a shift in his chair, followed by rearranging of his jacket, followed by a clarifying question to the questioner, followed by looking up above his head. it was more painful that perry's debacle in the debate. it clearly shows i've had a theory about herman cain as a lot of strategists have, that he was never really in this to seriously win it. he was not prepared and libya is not some obscure country in the south pacific. it's not even one of the stands that apparently herman cain doesn't think are important to know the names or leaders as he said weeks ago. it was libya, front page of many international newspapers and national newspapers for months. i don't think it is a small deal and it's going to be very tough for herman cain to live this down. >> i want to share with our viewers another important clip. cain's campaign says this snippet doesn't tell the whole story. it was taken out of context.
1:35 pm
let's hear what he answered, really 22 seconds after that moment. >> i would have done a better job of determining who the opposition is. and i'm sure that our intelligence people had some of that information. based upon who made up that opposition, okay, based on who made up that opposition, might have caused me to make different decisions about how we participated secondly, no i did not agree with gadhafi killing its citizens, absolutely not. so something would have have had -- i would have supported many of the things they did to help stop that. it's not a simple yes or no because there are different pieces and i would have gone about assessing the situation differently, which might have caused us to end up at the same place. but what i think more could have
1:36 pm
been done, what's the nature of the opposition? >> ron, what do you think? will anyone remember that -- seemed to be a pretty well thought answer or just remember the pause? >> they'll usually just remember the pause. it just shows you how difficult it is to run for president, is specially when you get thrust into the front-runner spot as he did. he's dealing with a big time crisis around him. and it just shows you that he has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. this is a very unforgiving process. remember, it's the primary process and that's what it's for, to find out who's actually the best to take on president obama in the 2012 election. herman cain has a lot of development to do on the foreign policy side in terms of speediness and answering question. you can't have anyone second guessing him or make any more stumbles because he's made too many. it just shows you how tough it really is to run for president.
1:37 pm
>> 15 seconds, maria, he's down 14% now, according to the latest cnn orc poll. how does he turn it around? >> i don't know that he can at this point, randy. but it has been a very topsy-turvy season. who knows. it was a numbflub on foreign po. where president obama has done so well in terms of getting rid of so many dictators an al qaeda's leaders, right now president obama is insurmountable when it comes to foreign policy. they won't see cain as a person to beat obama on foreign policy. >> thanks, that is fair game today. there is more talk of change in the middle east, the embattled president says he's willing to resign under certain conditions. do you know what country we're talking about? the answer coming up when we go globe trekking. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here.
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globe trekking begins in syria where the government is facing increasing pressure. neighboring turkey threatened to stop supplying syria with power. we are supplying them with electricity at the moment. if they stay on course, we may be forced to reexamine. 80 people died in syria yesterday which would make it one of deadliest days since the crackdown began.
1:41 pm
amazing scene there. in an apparent bid to ease international pressure syria says it released more than 1,000 detainees today. now to yemen where president sal eh says he's willing to leave office within 90 days after certain conditions are met. sa saleh's departure could end months of violence. he has interested at resignation in the past only to change course. the scandal keeps on unraveling, why our next guest says paterno knew from day one and kept silent. and still ahead, time is running out for brad pitt. why he says the end is near. but first, perfect disco diva to disco-inferno, patty la bell went on a tirade and it
1:42 pm
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in the scandal involving penn state and the former coach sandus sandusky, as we've mentioned, sandusky made his first extended public comments since his arrest in an interview with nbc's bob costas. in that interview, sandusky denied that he is a pedophile and denied all of the allegations contained in the
1:45 pm
graphic 23-page grand jury report released earlier this month. costas also asks sandusky what former penn state head football coach joe paterno knew about the allegations and if he ever spoke personally to sandusky about the scandal. >> to your knowledge, did joe paterno have any information regarding objectionable activities on your part prior to that report in 2002? >>my -- i can't totally answer that question. my answer would be no. >> did joe paterno at any time ever speak to you directly about injure behavior? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> joining us now with more is john werthime. thanks for coming on the show. do you buy what sandusky said that joe paterno knew nothing of the allegations?
1:46 pm
>> the whole interview was just bizarre from the first moment. as to that particular allegation, who knew what when, there was a 1998 report that was filed by campus police, a written report, sandusky allegedly overheard by policemen admitting to this. it went to the local prosecutor. the notion that joe paterno, this micromanager didn't know his number one lieutenant was subject to a written police report by campus police really strange. but who knows what and where. that's the next step. >> i'm glad you brought that up. i'm curious what kind of coach he was, was he a hands on guy or somebody who let his lieutenants handle something like this. >> i mean, this is a coach who used to be the athletic director of the university. lived near campus. when i was in state college he was at campus traffic cop, known for note taking, any coach of a big time program like that is by definition necessarily a micromanager. it just doesn't wash that all of
1:47 pm
this activity, the university outside counsel knew about that campus police knew about and somehow that didn't come across the attention of the head football coach. >> what about stan dusky's comment that he feels horrible what happened to joe paterno and to the football program and penn state. when asked if he feels guilty or thinks it's his fault, he says no. >> who knows what he's thinking. i can't quite figure out why he even granted that interview. i don't know if i've seen a defendant in that sort of situation go on tv. this is all admissible and his answers weren't particularly sharp. that was not the most vigorous defense i've ever seen. that's for a jury to shift through but i thought it was inexplicab inexplicable. >> can the school, can the program recover? >> you know, part of what makes this so interesting but also so complex, this is just beginning. there are multiple
1:48 pm
investigations, one of them federal, one of them internal. as you saw last night we're going to have criminal litigation, obviously there's going to be civil litigation as well. it's easy to say we need to move forward and learn from it. but really, this is very much a fluid situation. we're going to be learning a lot about a lot of different people in the next months or years. >> do you think this will cause high school seniors who may have committed to play football at penn state to change their minds? >> reportedly it already has. this is a school that's going to be a new athletic director and new president and new coach coming in and be playing in front of drk the scrutiny this team will be under for the next few years will be like nothing we've seen in college football. it's obviously i think very minor to this whole story, but yes, the makeup of the football team will probably change. >> senior investigative reporter for quts sports illustrated. thank you. every day on the show we
1:49 pm
call on someone who has us shaking our heads and today it is buffalo high school's head coach in wyoming. he led the team to two state championships but that doesn't excuse his hurt feelings survey. pat lynch asked his team to fill out the survey if they're feelings were hurt, a half hearted attempt to address bullying. reasons include, i am thin skinned and i'm a xri baby, other options, i'm a queer and have woman like hormones and also leaves a space for the player's girly man signature. this is from a guy who spent 22 years coaching? coach lynch was placed on administrative leave and since resigned after apologizing for his lapse in judgment and poor choice. coach lynch, for your ridiculous hurt feelings form, it is time for you to face the music.
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1:53 pm
now, let's go street level. brad pitt making news today. the "moneyball" actor is ready to retire. retire from acting. he gives it three years. then what? he might try his hand at the or side of the lens. >> i'm really enjoying the producer side and getting stories to the plate that may not have otherwise. and now to harrisburg, pennsylvania. the city that many associate with the 1979 three-mile meltdown is a site near a financial meltdown. lawmakers could not come up with a plan for handling the $318,000 of debt, so they may look at bankruptcy protection and find someone to take over the books by november 28th. a girl survives for two days
1:54 pm
on pop-tarts and gatorade. their car crashed, trapping her and killing her father. with the vehicle upside down in a deep ditch, she was pinned. a family friend says she tried to escape. >> she tried to dig her way out, but she couldn't. she was pinned underneath the car. the only thing she said when we seen her at the hospital was that she was hungry and asked her about her dad. we had to break the news to her and that hurt the most. >> a passerbier finally spotted the car and called 911. to new york where doctors are warning that there is a new flu outbreak. it's canine flu. the cases have been sporadic but some vets are recommending flu shots for dogs because it can spread from kennels and doggie daycares. and finally to iowa.
1:55 pm
you sit down with your cup of coffee, getting ready for your day, open the paper and find out, hey, guess what, you are running for mayor. that's how jeremy found out that he was running for mayor in ardale, iowa. not bad for a town with a census data of 73. mr. mayor, nice to have you on the program. how did you at 18 actually win this thing and end up as mayor? >> well, i didn't know until the following day after elections that it had actually happened. so it was actually a pleasant surprise. i knew a couple weeks beforehand that it could possibly happen and it was just a real surprise to me, that it actually did happen. it was reality. >> so are you hard at work already? you're not sworn in until next year, but are you getting ready for the big job? >> yes, there are many different ideas and there is much research
1:56 pm
that i have been looking into just to further more what i need to know to do it different, tasks that need to be looked into before i actually do take office. >> so your father, from what i understand, was mayor there before you were even born. does that make it even more special? >> i guess so. and it is a good thing. because he was well liked around the community and we worked together and everything and with him being the mayor before, it's just kind of a surprise to everyone that it's a family tradition with my brother-in-law becoming mayor last week in hampton where i attend school also. that was another big thing that was accomplished as well. >> what's going to be your first order of business? >> well, there's many different things i'd like to see done.
1:57 pm
and whether it be from just keeping the streets clean, planting flowers and planters up on main street, just the overall appearance of the city. and i would like to see us work together and just have everybody work together and that's one of the big things about a small town community. is everybody -- we just work together to accomplish one main goal and we all get along and just can do what we want with what we got. >> i know you're going to be going to college next year and doing a little part time there so you can work this other gig of yours. we want to wish you best of luck and congratulations, mayor. nice to have you on the show. >> yes, thank you. >> amazing. let's check in with mark preston for politics happening around the country and in washington. that's pretty impressive.
1:58 pm
18 years old and mayor. >> he's putting me to shame right now, ran dye. >> we should talk about rick perry. >> he has a new plan and spelled it out at a speech, and you guessed it, in iowa. let's look at his plan. number one is dismantling congress as we know it. he's proposing that we have a citizen congress made up of part-time legislatures. their salaries should be cut in half and they should have to get other jobs back in their home districts. >> send them home, live under the laws, among the people that they represent. >> now, of course, in order for this to work, he has to repeal.
1:59 pm
members of congress can't hold other jobs. randi? >> and does he have any plans for the supreme court that he revealed today? >> he does. what he'd like to do is make a major, major change to the court and quote, unquote, the activist judges. we heard this a lot from conservatives. one thing that we would customer is term limits for supreme court justices. they would only be able to serve 18-year terms. implementing this term limit would ensure, according to perry, that there would be more turnover on the high court and also allow each president to pick two new justices to the court during their presidency. >> and we have about 30 seconds left but i know the kaukcaucus, checked my calendar, anything new about that? >> there is very interesting numbers. basically, if you look at them right there in the screen, it shows that herman cain is leading the pack with 20%.
2:00 pm
followed by paul at 19% and gingrich. when you look at the sampling area, it shows that the race for the iowa caucus is in deep heat, randi. >> mark preston, thank you. and thank you for watching. you can continue the conversation with me online or on facebook or twitter. time to hand it over to brooke baldwin. hey, brooke. >> randi, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get you caught up on everything happening at this hour. rapid fire, beginning with live pictures, i want to show you from syria. listen, if you will, to the rally of people opposed to the current assad regime. they asked for u.n. peace keepers into their country. 81 p.m. died yesterday alone. we're going to talk a lot more about what is happening right now in syria with hala gorani in
2:01 pm
just a minute. also today, jerry sandusky in his own words admitting to showering with children but denying anything of a sexual nature that happened with the eight boys he's accused of abusing. the former penn state defensive coordinator denying to nbc that he's a pedophile. >> are you sexually attracted to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- but, no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> right now, in new york, a face off over occupy wall street. >> our park! >> whose park! >> hours after they were ordered
2:02 pm
out of zuccotti park, the judge says that they should be let back in. but the police have not let them back in yet. also, a major development in the sex abuse scandal involving the catholic church. an attorney for a victim of a former priest, daniel mccormick, says his client has agreed to a $3.2 million settlement with the archdiocese of chicago. his suit blamed the archdiocese after leaders knew of these abuse allegations. less than a year before the election, we have new numbers to show you about president obama's approval rating. take a look with me. the number is 46. 46% approved. 52% of the people polled disapprove of the president's overall performance. three-quarters of democrats gave president obama a thumb's up. 15% of republicans, just that
2:03 pm
number. >> and, i'm going to be honest, doing this job right now which i love, here's what i would be doing today. applying to become one of these guys or gals, an astronaut. yep, nasa looking to hire new recruits. we have details about an hour ago. even though you know the space shuttle program is officially over, nasa is still looking for up to 15 astronauts for missions up to the international space station and frequent travel may be required. hmm, you think? massive flooding in thailand creates a swampland. look at this. all of these cars stuck, this is outside of bangkok. hundreds ever cars stuck at the honda factory and it's been like this for about a month. but the floodwaters are receding after killing more than 500 people and causing a reported $3 billion loss to the economy. and we're going to show you some surveillance video here.
2:04 pm
this shows 9-year-old jordan landon. is that it, guys? >> 9-year-old jordan landon with her dad, yes, dog, just before he crashed his car, killing himself, trapping her for two days in the car wreckage. jordan survived on pop-tarts and gatorade while pinned upside down in this car and a passerby finally found her. >> she tried to dig her way out, too, but she couldn't. she said that she was pinned underneath the car. the only thing she said when we sent her to the hospital was that she was hungry and asked about her dad and we had to break that to her and that hurt the most. >> a north carolina highway patrol said that the dad had been speeding when that accident happened on friday. and are you having trouble hearing me? are you turning me up? guess what? your music may be too loud. headphones are being blamed, especially the whole in your ear, earbud style, for leaving more than 48 million teens and
2:05 pm
adults with hearing loss. blasting music into your ears causes damage that you won't notice until years later. great. he recommends headphones thatress on your ears, not in your ears. you're going to need to turn that down. we really couldn't turn away from this. this is from the congo. this volcano opening up in this spectacular way. the scientists believe this may be the biggest eruption seen in the last 100 years. the lava fountain spewing as high as 1300 feet. experts are keeping an eye on it but they are confident, no people or animals are in danger. just putting on a spectacular show there. and we have a bit of a show for you as well. we have a lot more to cover in the next two hours, including this. 16 seconds, that's how long it took jerry sandusky to answer
2:06 pm
this question. are you sexually attracted to young boys, this as even more accusers are coming forward. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. newt gingrich rises. herman cain explains. >> it was a pause. good, grief. >> rick perry gets aggressive. >> the person who got us into this mess cannot get us out. >> the governor plans to completely uproot the government. the pain that she was going through was so immense. >> a teenager kills herself after years of alleged sexual abuse. the person who found her body? the girl's mother. i'll speak with her live. plus, fiery words from defense secretary leon panetta. >> it's a brigade without bullets. >> as the clock particulars for the supercommittee to decide what gets cut. and want to be an astronaut?
2:07 pm
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where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. jerry sandusky, in his own words, admitting to showering with these boys but claiming that nothing happened. a grown man naked with children yet he claims he's no pedophile. >> i could say that, you know, i had done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts
2:10 pm
and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. but -- so if you look at it that way, there are things that would be accurate. >> he's accused of abusing eight boys over a period of 15 years. now ten more alleged accusers have gone forward. his attorney tries to further justify sandusky's actions in an interview with cnn. >> jerry sandusky is a big, overgrown kid. he's a jock. for anybody whose ever played sports, you get showers after you workout. when you hear that he got showers with kids, oh, my goodness, he got showers with kids. that makes him guilty, right?
2:11 pm
obviously anyone that showers with kids and is an adult has to be accused of something. but jocks do that. they kid around. they horse around. >> and when asked if he had any regrets, here's what sandusky told nbc. >> well, in retrospect, i shouldn't have showered with those kids. >> and that, folks, may be the biggest understatement of the year. i want to bring in jeff gardere. you heard him, his interview, his responses, justifications, what have you. here's my question. if you have an underage patient, comes to you, tells you he's been in a shower alone with this middle-aged man, would that be enough to treat him as a victim of sex abuse? >> it would make me as a mandatory reporter to call that in to the police right away. especially if that adult is not
2:12 pm
a biological parent and if that child said that the biological parent was in any way acting indecently or inappropriately, we would have to call that in again as mandatory reporters. >> jeff, i want to -- i watched the interview last night and i just want to play the part of the interview that certainly caused me pause. watch this. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? no. i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- but, no. i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> jeff, i'm no expert. but to hear him sort of, you know, pausing, repeating the question, finally gets around to answering it, what's your interpretation of the response? >> that's simply a psych 101,
2:13 pm
when someone cannot answer the question yes or no, you have to take time, to have to repeat the question that's a clear indication that they are thinking about it, and if you're thinking about it, then that means that something may be going on and this is part of a denial, intellectualize, either way, where there is smoke, there is fire here and there is something very, very wrong in what we're hearing from mr. sandusky. >> we played a clip of him earlier where he talked about, yes, he hugged, he touched the legs of some of these young boys without the intent. i want to quote him, without the intent of sexual contact. what do you make of the separation of shower we aring with a child and having it be sex abuse. >> well, the fact that he says that there was no intent tells me that he has to define it. if you have to define it, that
2:14 pm
means that something wrong is going on. and we also know the fact that as a coach -- i don't care whether athletes shower together or not. but as a coach you're in a position of power and thereforewith all of the sexual allegations that we hear, to protect yourself as an adult, you wouldn't put yourself in that position and if it's true that he showered with the 10-year-old and there was only the two of them, he may be exposing his genitals, horsing around as he says with this kid as they are in the shower or naked, i think that certainly this man is showing all of the classical symptoms of being a pedophile, especially by rationalizing all of this. i can't understand how his attorney would even allow him to open up his mouth about any of this. >> well, his attorney says he was just a big kid. we should also point out that he wasn't a coach at that
2:15 pm
particular shower incident. he could come back on the campus and use the facilities and what not. dr. jeff gardere, i appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to talk to a man who was helped by the second mile charity. it took him from a c student to getting a master's degree. i want to know what he felt. jerry sandusky in that interview last night in that interview and whether he ever felt uncomfortable around him. that is next.
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
so, jerry sandusky is accused of meeting and abusing children at his second mile charity. second mile says it has helped
2:18 pm
thousands of kids across pennsylvania, be it physical, personal successes. joining us now is a penn state grad, former second mile child. thomas, got to get you to react to sandusky's interview. but, first, during your days at second mile, how often were you 5r7bd jerry sandusky? what was he like and did you ever witness, experience, hear about anything inappropriate? >> well, yeah. let me say right off the top that i was never harmed during my time at the second mile. i never heard of these alleged abuses and i had nothing but the best experience with my time as a kid in the second mile and then later as a mentor in the second mile. my only experience with coach sandusky are very few. i probably met him six, seven, eight times. of course, a man like that in state college is -- jerry sandusky always had a very prominent name and i remembered
2:19 pm
a lot of my interactions with him and i was never harmed by him. >> okay. i want to play -- i know you've watched this interview. i want you to watch it one more time, jerry sandusky with nbc. >> we were showering and horsing around and he actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor and, as i recall, possibly like snapping a towel in horseplay. >> when you hear that, thomas, what did you think? >> well, it would be a big relief if all of what coach sandusky said were accurate, that this were just some big misunderstanding and we could move on. but let's think about this for a moment. we have now nine confirmed kids that were -- >> eight.
2:20 pm
>> -- that were alleged to be abused by this man? >> i thought i heard that there were nine but i'll take your word for it. and then you have the situation with coach mcquery who was 28 years old and looking to start a career as a football coach. it doesn't seem to me to be a smart advancing career strategy, for the man that was essentially his boss, of sexual assault. >> but when you hear, just reactionarily, in that interview with bob costas? >> coach sandusky will have a chance to explain his actions and in the 1970s he knows that
2:21 pm
he thought showering with 10-year-old boys and the interview last night is absolutely nothing to ease my objections and ease my concerns, you know, about what i read in the grand jury indictment. so my reaction is the same as the one i had when i read the grand jury indictment and that's one of outrage. >> back to second mile, you were 15 years of age, you credited the program for changing your life around. >> yes. >> and at the same time, in the washington post you write, and i'm quoting you, i was one of the lucky ones. what do you mean by all of that? >> well, you know, i know it's a very difficult thing for a lot of people, you know, outside of the second mile to understand that an organization that was founded by a man who is alleged to be a monster could just do so much good but it has.
2:22 pm
and i am a living example of that. i went into the second mile. my mom got me enrolled into the program as a 15-year-old kid. i was 120 pounds, not doing very well in school. and the second mile really taught me to do things i never thought i could. i'm working on my second master's degree now. i'm at the university of chicago's public policy school and i served a five-year enlistment in the 100th airborne division. these are all things that i couldn't have done had i not been mentored by the people at second mile and given the confidence to do the things i never thought i could. >> well, wonderful for you. but the ceo is resigning after 28 years and that could be the beginning of others leaving this charity as well as a result of this story that's exploded there at penn state. thomas day, i appreciate you coming on. thank you. it has been a bloody, very bloody 24 hours in syria with more than 80 people reportedly
2:23 pm
killed just yesterday. well, now turkey is threatening its neighbor. what turkey might do next. and here's something we haven't kpakdexactly seen in a . emptiness at the zuccotti park after the protesters were kicked out and now they want back in and the court is getting involved. we'll bring you live to new york city coming up. [ male announcer ] creating the world's first hamduckeroll? hmm. there we go. come on. [ buzzer ] [ male announcer ] grabbing the must have nook color for $199 at radioshack. so right. ♪
2:24 pm
two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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2:26 pm
the next couple of hours are very critical for syria and fellow countries and really for the rest of the world. tomorrow, syria will be officially suspended from the arab league unless ne take steps
2:27 pm
to end the nearly year-long crackdown on people. it doesn't look likely. the numbers that are dead has not dropped. an opposition group of more than 80 people were killed when troops and protesters shot fought in the streets. before we even look at the pictures from today, the fact that syria will be booted from the arab league. huge deal. >> it is a huge deal. i wouldn't call it a huge deal. >> why? >> as an organization, the arab league is not seen as proactive organization that will implement measures that will in a substantial way, at least in the short term, force assad to make concessions or to go. but it is symbolically important and they are composed of governments that are autocrtat particular and dick tore yell
2:28 pm
and some cases monarchies that are not known for their openness. so even at this stage even they are saying that what is happening in syria is unacceptable and it's adding to the regime, the european union that has increased sanctions against syria and the u.n. >> talk to me about some of the pictures that we're seeing today. what are we looking at? >> well, again, that is a live stream from western syria that came up online just a few minutes ago and we were able to air it on cnn. what is interesting, brooke, and what i wanted to underline, the evolving deaths in the country, we're seeing more than 80 deaths of an opposition group but some of the deaths are contributed to not just a result of the crackdown by the government on the protesters but also clashes
2:29 pm
between desserters and regular army officers and soldiers. and if this spreads, this will reignite fears that the country will sink into a bloody, prolonged civil conflict. >> turkey says that it might be time for assad to step down. these are friends of syria. what about turkey? >> turkey is a former friend of syria. really over the last few months the turkish government and leadership there has distanced itself and openly criticized bashar al assad and is now saying that if it continues they will cut off electricity supplies. would it be ordinary syrians or the regime? as far as the eu and calling for
2:30 pm
assad to stop killing and they continue to isolate the regime but it's not something that we're going to see have an impact in the short term. this is something that is going to go on and on and on. >> it's been going on. >> 80 people dead in a country of a little over 20 million. this is not the united states, 1,000 dead in one day. this is not a small number. it's a smoking figure for kurnlt tree in a single day. so if you put it in perspective that way, it gives you a sense of the proportions. >> hala, thank you so much. and they are not taking no for an answer. >> who's park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> they were kicked out overnight with court documents in hand. we are live in zuccotti park. also, this -- >> it was a pause.
2:31 pm
that's all it was. good grief. >> herman cain defending his response took questions about libya. outhtoothpaste and
2:32 pm
mouth wetting lonzenges - guaranteed effective on all types of bad breath and dry mouth. nothing works faster than therabreath. visit
2:33 pm
2:34 pm
the situation is getting tense today at occupy wall street. the original occupy wall street hours after protesters were kicked out and starting tearing down their tents, the judge said, hold on. the demonstrators can stay but police have not let them back in yet. that's not going over very well. poppy harlow has been covering the story for us. take a look. >> reporter: do you think you'll get into the park? >> we have a protective order. >> tell me about this document. what is it? >> this is a restraining order against mayor bloomberg.
2:35 pm
>> this is a park. >> you have to go to the judge. >> this is our park! >> our park! >> you don't have authority over a judge. >> our constitutional rights. >> our constitutional rights. >> to move freely. >> without obstruction. >> without obstruction. >> we need to move now. >> we need to move now. >> we do not want a problem. >> we do not want a problem. >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> whose park? >> our park. >> we have a court order.
2:36 pm
>> let's go. move down. >> you are violating a federal judge's order. do you understand that? >> all right. let's go to maggie who is covering the story for us today. maggie, both sides on the standoff, they went back to court after the judge issued the first court order. where does the hearing stand right now? >> from what we understand, brooke, it's been going on all day. both sides have made their arguments. we have recessed and we are waiting for the judge to make a ruling. we're expecting that to come around 3:15. it's been a very fluid situation all day. i want you to take a look behind me. you saw a lot of the pushing and shoving from poppy's piece right now. a lot of tension throughout the day. some conflict between peace and protesters. right now it's seen as a calm and they have fallen back into the park. the barricades still very much
2:37 pm
up around the park and the protesters are still lined up around that park. it's worth pointing out that it is a very warm, mild day. the numbers here, as the days have regressed, have been growing. more people have been coming down here, more protesters turning back up. they are very upset about what they say is their legal right to go back into that park. everybody is waiting to see what the judge says. they have talked to the protesters throughout and they say no matter what the ruling is, they are not leaving. >> they say they are not going anywhere. maggie lake, thank you so much. now we kind of have a sense of what is going on at occupy wall street. let's talk about another city. because you know there are demonstrations happening nationwide. you might not have heard too much about occupy d.c. as it turns out, that protest is a lot different than a number of others. our photo journalist went to the park where that's all happening. here it is. >> we're standing on 13th and
2:38 pm
pennsylvania avenue and the congress. i'm a lawyer and i've been a political advocate for quite some time. >> i practiced pediatrics for 15 years. publicly, what is happening in this country is no longer acceptable and we want to do something about it. we have occupy public space here since october 6th and i think during that time we've effected the political dialogue and we're just getting started. we've tried all of the e-mail petitions and phone calls and it just ge just gets ignored. >> it's more important to be here in washington, d.c., at this point in time. i've had many occupations over the years. i'm a wildlife biologist. when somebody who wants peace on the planet is considered some kind of an extremist and people who are war prove fa tears are treated as demigods.
2:39 pm
>> i have a degree from the fine arts from the institute of chicago. i studied at the american conservatory of music. we're all hoping to accomplish some kind of a human form of government, a mandate of the federal government and government in general should be to include the human needs of every citizen. not just the wealthy. >> so i've got my hands on this piece of paper. take a look if you can see it here. this is what you have to fill out if you want to occupy d.c. or freedom park. on it you have your name, emergency contact information that you have to fill out, medical information, and also at the bottom it talks about you have to sign, i won't carry weapons, i won't vandalize property and i'll expect quiet hours between 11:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. now, this -- >> they asked me a question about libya and i paused to i could gather my thoughts. >> well, it was a bit of a pause
2:40 pm
and we have the video. we're going to share it, next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines,
2:41 pm
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rep presidential hopeful herman cain had a moment that everyone would like to forget. his spokesperson said the remarks were out of context in some measure. we want to play the longer portion of the interview that perhaps you may not have seen this and you be the judge.
2:43 pm
>> so you agreed with president obama on libya or not? >> okay. libya. president obama supported the uprising, correct? president obama called for the removal of gadhafi. just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before i say yes i agreed that i know i didn't agree. i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. nope, that's a different one. i've got to go back -- see -- i've got all this stuff twirling
2:44 pm
around in my head. specifically, what are you asking me did i agree or not disagree with president obama. >> i'm asking did you agree about the bush reform policy so i'm taking an example from the obama administration that was controversial within his own administration on what he should have done or not done and i was wondering if you agreed or if you would have responded differently and has the initiative come up since you've been running for office and i was wondering how you would have handled it. >> here's what i would have done a better job of determining who the opposition is and i'm sure that our intelligence people had some of that information. based upon who made up that opposition, based upon who made up that opposition, might have caused me to make some different decisions about how we participated. and, secondly, no i did not
2:45 pm
agree with gadhafi killing its citizens. absolutely not. so something would have to have -- i would have supported many of the things that they did in order to help stop that. it's not a simple yes or no because there are different pieces and i would have gone about assessing the situation differently. which might have caused us to end up at the same place. but what i think more what could have been done was, what's the nature of the opposition? >> cain later said he simply caused to gather his thoughts and called the attention to this and his answer we just played for you, quote, silly. moving on to a story a lot of you tweeted me about yesterday. and you can continue to do so today. sharing your thoughts on this heart-wrenching story of an 18-year-old who took her own life last week after taking to twitter, 144 times, to detail her years of alleged sexual
2:46 pm
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now to the texas teenager who sent flooded messages to twitter hours before she killed herself. she sent 144 tweets in the course of six hours detailing years of sexual abuse, the pain it caused her, and the struggle for justice. according to one tweet, the final straw was a phone call telling her it was unlikely her alleged abuser would be prosecuted. shortly after that message, ashley committed suicide. tiffany is ashley's mother.
2:49 pm
she is on the phone with me from houston. tiffany, the pictures we have been showing of ashley appear to be a smiling, happy teenager. i read that she wanted to be an actress, go on to baylor college. my condolensces to you. tell us a little bit about ashley. what was she like? >> ashley was the happiest person that i knew. she was extremely outgoing and loving. she loved everyone that she ever came in contact with. she knew what she wanted out of life. >> at -- ashley, i know she was called billy by a lot of people. during her funeral, her best friend wrote her -- read part of her farewell letter and i'm going to quote, i've been screwed over one too many times.
2:50 pm
this is your daughter writing. i've been called a shut one too many times. all i ask is, why me? i never did anything to anyone. i have been abused and tormented my whole life. it got to be too much and swallowed me whole. tiffany, did you have any idea your daughter had such inner demons? >> well, of course knowing about the abuse, i knew, you know, somewhat what she was struggling with. i didn't know, though, about the bullying and name calling. i knew just very little about that. i just found out recently that she was struggling with bul liam yeah. one of her friends told me that she had suffered from it in the past due to the name calling just about her body image. she was called fat and that sort of thing. she really wasn't. she was just beautiful.
2:51 pm
she's really sensitive, though. of course, i have some idea of knowing what she went through and what she had been through her life, but i didn't know that it was so intense. let me back up. the first period of her life, the first seven years of her age she was victimized by and fast forward, she's 15, 16, 17, she tweeted that she was sexually abused again by a close family member. i know she wasn't living with you at the time. >> right. >> talk to me about what specifically you knew. what did ashley share with you about this alleged abuse? >> she was not able to open up to me until after she told her friend and told authorities and once i was able to get her and bring her here, that's when she was able to open up to me.
2:52 pm
>> what did she share, if i may ask? >> she was devastated by this person. he protected her and he's the one who hurt her. she -- it was really bad and it was a period of, you know, 3 1/2 years and there was a lot of manipulation and control over her and she felt like she could not -- she expressed to me that if she had been trying to tell, that nobody believed her and she in fact tried to reach out to her stepmother about 2 1/2 years ago and to the round rock police and at that time they dismissed it. nobody went back to follow up on her. >> i want to ask you about that specifically because i know that's some of what she was tweeting about and perhaps the final straw for her. but during this 3 1/2 year time period that you detail -- so you never knew about that story in
2:53 pm
that period of time? you never then could yank her out of that situation and bring her home? is that correct? >> which time? i'm sorry. >> the 3 1/2 years of this alleged abuse. >> no. from what she showed me and the rest of the family and her friends and teachers was that she was happy, that she was really well adjusted. she was really great about putting on a happy facade and so much so that he we believed it. those that were extremely close to her, there with her every day, her friends in the austin area, they had no idea. >> so i read that -- so ashley is 17. she has a boyfriend and she finally feels comfortable enough to share with her boyfriend these stories of this alleged abuse. she then shares this information with a teacher and child services. i want you to tell me about the cps worker, how this individual reacted to this teacher and
2:54 pm
ashley's stories of abuse and also the detectives that were assigned to the case. >> she felt like she had to explain -- it was almost as if they were treating her as if she was the one under investigation instead of her being the victim. she felt like they were really insensitive to what had gone on and, you know, they say that they did what they could to protect her but they let her back into the home where she was abused, living with the people that lived with her at the time of the abuse. and i could not get a phone call. they say that they tried to call me. ashley was secluded. you know, she had her cell phone taken away from her. she had her laptop taken away
2:55 pm
from her. she could not talk to her little sisters there. she has two little sisters. she could not speak to them. this is what she told me. she couldn't reach out to me. i had to hear it from her boyfriend. >> i do want to say that we reached out to child protective services. it's important to hear their side of the story as well. let me read you what cps told us today and i quote this. "we were extraordinarily saddened to hear about ashley taking her own life. earlier this year, cps conducted a thorough five-month investigation with 11 individuals who had information to share with us. as a result of that investigation, we were unable to confirm the abuse had occurred. however, because of ashley's death, we are taking a second look at the case and our focus will be to ensure that any remaining children in the household are free from abuse. tiffany, let me point out that i spoke to the assistant d.c. yesterday. she told me absolutely that the
2:56 pm
local police department was investigating. they pass it along to the d.a. office. so i just want to -- if i can just press you a little more, where exactly specifically -- how did ashley get this idea that the investigation wasn't going anywhere? because clearly it is active. she tweeted about a phone call. >> i received a phone call from the detective williams saying that she had received her cell phone back from the fbi crime lab and ashley let them know that there were text messages between her and her abusers, explicit pictures and things like that and that was really the only proof, in her mind, that she thought, other than her word, was going to be available. and when they called me and said that they could not get anything from that phone, that's when her spirit dropped. she gave up.
2:57 pm
she felt like nothing was going to happen. nobody was ever going to believe her. i did not share with ashley that cps -- what cps' conclusion was about the case because i knew that that would hurt her. it's just astounds me and angers me that they would take the victim's story and not hold any weight to them at all because they are listening to the accused and what he is saying. in my mind, that is wrong: that is absolutely wrong. >> well, just because your daughter's gone doesn't mean we won't follow the story to the end and see where this investigation goes. tiffany ruiz, thank you for calling in. and i am so sorry about your daughter. we can do better. we'll be right back. it's not the bayer aspirin you know.
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